LED Strip - Frequently Asked Questions

What is LM-80?

LM-80 refers to a method for measuring the lumen depreciation of solid-state lighting sources, such as LED packages, modules and arrays. LM-80 was created by members of IES including Philips Lumileds.

What is TM21?

The TM-21 standard picks up where LM-80 leaves off. Since LED sources are capable of lifetimes well beyond 6,000 hours, TM-21 establishes a standard way to use LM-80 data to make consistent lifetime projections beyond the testing period. TM-21 dictates which values can be used in the calculation based on the sample size, number of hours and intervals tested, and test suite temperature.

What is L90B10@10,000hours?

L defines the percentage of lumen compared with the initial lumens; B value means the failure data at the L data. So LB value indicate the real lifetime at a certain hour.
Like L90B10@10,000 hours means the LEDs keeping 90% lumen from the initial lumen and only 10% of LEDs failed to reach 90% lumen.

How small bin can we supply?

1 Bin will be the smallest we can source, but normally there will be 2-3 bins used inside the products if there is no specified.

How small Mac Adam Ellipse can we supply?

The minimum is 2.5 steps, standard is around 4-5 steps, economic will be at 6 steps.

PCB color:

We mostly do the strips with white PCB.

If you need other colors, we can also make the PCB color with yellow and black.

color background

Waterproof Grade:

We can do different waterproofing for the LED strips for variable use:

  • IP20: Non-waterproof;
  • IP54 PU: PU glue on the surface.
  • IP54 SI: Silicone glue on the surface.
  • IP54 SP: Spray Silicone Glue on the surface.
  • IP65 ST: Silicone tube on both sides.
  • IP65 HT: Heat Shrink tube on both sides.
  • IP65 Nano: Nano Coating on the surface.
  • IP67 HI: Hollow Integrated Silicone glue.
  • IP68 SI: Solid Integrated Silicone glue.

ip rating

What is the difference between PU and Silicone glue?

  1. Cold and high temperature resistance, PU (polyurethane) has a good low temperature resistance, but not resistant to high temperature; while silicone glue with good heat resistance and good low temperature 
  2. UVresistance:In the presence of UV light, an organic material (Polyurethane) will eventually revert to its natural state, thus changing properties and deteriorating over time, an inorganic(silicone) will not.
  3. Yellowdegeneration:The PU glue has a little yellow degeneration as time goes, while silicone glue has no yellow degeneration.
  4. Lifespan:Chemically, the organic material (polyurethane) will break down when expose to high temperature or UV, so the lifetime is shorter than silicone glue.

How is heat Shrink Pipe works in led strips?

Working condition at -55 to 125 degree, 3 minutes shrinking at 200 degree according to UL224 standard. Color at transparent with options at Black, Red, Blue, Yellow at customization. Heat shrink Pipe was made of PET, Anti-Electric below 600V, Anti-Fire Ratio at VW-1.

What is CCT shifting? and how to control it?

All of the color temperatures will shift by any cover in front of the LEDs, different glue will have different influence on the whole temperature of LED strips, the shifting curve can be referred by detailed.

What is the max width of the PCB for heat shrink pipe?

When using heat shrink pipe on the LED strips, the max width is 13.5mm. For 15mm or above, the pipe will make the LED strips out of their shape.

What does CRI mean and why is CRI important in LED lighting?

Can’t tell the difference between the black and navy colored socks in your walk-in closet? Could be that your current lighting source has a very low CRI! Not all light is made equal; some light renders colors better than others. Color Rendering Index (CRI) is the measurement of how colors look under a light source when compared with sunlight. The index is measured from 0-100, with a perfect 100 indicating that colors under the light source appear the same as they would under natural sunlight.
Full range of our LED strips are with CRI >95, presenting the true color for you.


What is the difference between CRI and Ra?

The calibration R1 – R15 color sample is the R1 – R15 color rendering when a light source compared with reference standard light source, the index value is 100%. The general color rendering index (Ra) is just calibrated R1-R8.

What is the Flip Chip

One way to encapsulate the LED Chips into the Pad of SMD, advantage will be better heat emitting and less failure ratio of LEDs..

Can I solder the LED Strips?

Yes, you can solder wire to any of the copper ports to connect strips together.

copper ports

Can I use a battery to power the light strips?

Yes, you can power our strip lights with any 5v/12v/24v power source

What is the maximum length of LED Strip that can be powered?

We sell strips in spools of 16.4 Ft (5 meters).
If you want to use them in more than 5M length, we recommend the following instruction:

  • Direct connecting
  • Multiple connecting
  • Two-way connecting

1 led strips 2 mulitiple strips 3 strips

Can I cut my LED Strip Lights?

Yes. You can cut the strips with a regular, household scissor at any of the marked cut lines. These lines are designated on
the strip by a solid line with the image of a scissor right next to it.

can i cut my led strip lights

If I connect the strip backwards (+) to (-) and (-) to (+) will that ruin the strip?

No. LEDs are diodes so they only let power through in one direction. Simply reverse the wires and the strip will work fine.

Can the strips be used in high temperature areas?

No. While LEDs are quite durable and will work great in most any environment, heat is the main cause for shortened LED lifespan. Therefore, the cooler you can keep the LEDs, the longer they will last (if you can keep them below 80°C you should get the rated life out of them). With this in mind, leaving them on for extended periods of time while on the reel or bunched up in a confined space will shorten their lifespan.

Can LED strip and LED Strips be dimmed?

Yes, but this should be done by using one of our dimmers between the LED Strip and the output of the Power Supply. It should not be dimmed from a standard wall dimmer.

What tape do you used in the LED strips?

We have yellow and white 3M tape for the strips and also, the Tesa tape to get a strong viscous when paste inside the aluminum profile.

What is the series of the 3M/Tesa tape used in the led strips?

Normally, we use 3M 300MP, Tesa 4965 in our led strips. However, 3M 200MP and VHB also available.

3M tape

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