2216 LED Strip Lights Sunme

LED strip Lights are widely used in various lighting fields, and today SMD 2216 LED light strips are very popular in the market due to their high color rendering index, high density and better brightness. Sunme offers high quality SMD 2216 LED strip light.

Features & Benefits of 2216 LED strip

The Sunme 2216 LED is getting high in demand because of its excellent features. Some of its best properties are:

High Brightness

SMD 2216 powerful voltage can effectively provide the brightest brightness

Double Layer

Double layer pure copper 2oz PC makes 2216 last longer and more durable

High Density

The brightness produced by 2216 is more than twice that of ordinary LED strip lights

Uniform Light

sunme produces dotless led strip lights with uniform light

Easy Installation

3M tape included on the back of the 2216 strip makes it easy to install


You can customize different LED strip lights for your project

Why 2216 RGB led strip lights

Applications of led strip lights

Let the strip lights illuminate every corner of your room.
led strip lights Application 01
Use strip lights inside your yard so it's not too dark at night, you can take a walk in your yard or even throw a party.
Custom Led strip lights
You can use strip lights in your shop to reflect your shop style.
bar background
Add the LED strip lights to any position on the bed. Not only will it make your bedroom look better, but it can also be used as a night light.
led strip lights Application 01

Wholesale 2216 light strip from Sunme

With a team of quality-driven engineers, R&D specialists and salesperson, Sunme Lighting is committed to designing, manufacturing and supplying reliable commercial lighting products, supported by excellent customer service and bespoke solution, taking into account customer demand, budget and the environment.

Your Professional 2216 LED Strip Manufacturer

Sunme's products pass quality tests every step of the way and pride themselves on offering cost-effective products. The SMD 2216 LED strip provides the same high-quality performance by illuminating your space with the brightest light. You can choose different shades of white to light up your location.

With the right LED manufacturer to help you, you can decorate your space the way you want. At Sunme, you can complete your dream project the way you want it. We strive to help lighten up your world, a trendy way.

LED Strip Light of Sunme Quality

We offer a multitude of LED strip lights to present a slimmer, more flexible, and long lasting lighting solution to satisfy lighting jobs from accent and job lighting to party. The lights could be easily installed to any corner.

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