RGB/RBGW LED Strip Lights

RGB LED strip lights is becoming a favorite option for both home and commercial lighting due to its|due to the efficiency.

Professional RGB/RGBW Strip Lights Manufacturer

Features & Benefits of RGB LED strip lights

RGB LED strip lights take the design of different spaces to a new level. For convenience, these led strips come with a variety of features and benefits. Some of the best features of Chinese RGB LEDs include:

High Quality

The RGB led flexible strip has passed the quality test to provide the best product.


The RGB flexible LED strip can change colors

Double Layer

The double-layer pure copper 2oz PCB makes the high power RGB LED strip durable.


The 5050 RGB strip gives out the brightest light because of its close placement

Easy Installation

The thin RGB LED strip comes with a 3M adhesive tape that makes installing the lights easy

Why RGB RGB led strip lights

Applications of led strip lights

Let the strip lights illuminate every corner of your room.
led strip lights Application 01
Use strip lights inside your yard so it's not too dark at night, you can take a walk in your yard or even throw a party.
Custom Led strip lights
You can use strip lights in your shop to reflect your shop style.
bar background
Add the LED strip lights to any position on the bed. Not only will it make your bedroom look better, but it can also be used as a night light.
led strip lights Application 01

Wholesale RGB light strip from Sunme

With a team of quality-driven engineers, R&D specialists and salesperson, Sunme Lighting is committed to designing, manufacturing and supplying reliable commercial lighting products, supported by excellent customer service and bespoke solution, taking into account customer demand, budget and the environment.

Your Professional RGB LED Strip Supplier

At Sunme producers, we make an effort to provide only the very best products with the very best deals. We worth our client satisfaction. At Sunme, you can purchase your products, the right path. We provide
the very best RGB LED strip lights at low cost. You also get yourself a warranty on our items and there is no need to be concerned get worried about .

With the right LED manufacturer to help you, you can decorate your space the way you want. At Sunme, you can complete your dream project the way you want it. We strive to help lighten up your world, a trendy way.

LED Strip Light of Sunme Quality

We offer a multitude of LED strip lights to present a slimmer, more flexible, and long lasting lighting solution to satisfy lighting jobs from accent and job lighting to party. The lights could be easily installed to any corner.

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