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As a professional led strip manufacturer in China, Sunme offers led strip lights, neon strip lights, lens strip lights and customized light than meets your requirements and high standards

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We manufacture LED strip lights of various types and sizes to suit different lighting applications. So, no matter what style of LED strip you want. We can do this based on our extensive experience.

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LED strip lights features a flexible installation thus can be used in wide applications. It is now a lighter world, as well as the era of LED strip light.

You may not notice that LED strip lights are everywhere around you. Take a look at the gallery and see if you are inspired!

LED strip light for residential, commercial, industrial uses requires different color and mounting methods. An appropriate choice on the right lighting strips helps to fulfill lighting tasks perfectly in a cost-effective way.

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Fully Control Our Production

Sunme As a professional LED strip light manufacturer in China, Sunme fully understands your lighting needs and skillfully delivers. We use the latest light strip placement machines to ensure high precision and high-quality light strip manufacturing.
Also, we assemble LED chips and LED drivers from well-known brands to ensure all performance is perfect, long lifespan, and a warranty of up to 5 years. We take quality very seriously; our QC experts inspect the entire LED light manufacturing process. This allows us to deliver products with a failure rate of less than 3%.


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