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We provide a variety of LED power products, which are convenient for customers to adapt to different power plugs and voltages.

Constant Voltage LED Drivers

We supply continuous current LED drivers in bulk in competitive wholesale rates. We will focus on you promptly and make an effort to meet the power requirements of your lighting task.

LRS Series PF0.5 IP20 3years

LRS-35-SPECLRS-35-SPEC Dimension
LRS-350-SPECLRS-350-SPEC dimension
XLG Series PF0.9 IP67 5years
XLG-75-specXLG-75-spec A type
XLG-100-specXLG-100-spec A type
XLG-150-specXLG-150-spec A type
XLG-200-specXLG-200-spec A type
XLG-320-specXLG-320-spec V-A type

LED Aluminum Profile

Table of Contents

What is a Constant Current LED Driver?

A constant current LED driver is an electrical device that regulates the quantity of current running right through LED lights.

How Does a Constant Current LED Driver Work?

When LED lights get hotter the voltage being transmitted forward reduces and they begin to draw more current. A constant current LED driver compensates for such changes in current draw. Additionally, it regulates the current supply and maintains at suitable levels.

Why Use a Constant Current LED Driver?

In the absence of a constant current LED driver, LEDs would eventually draw too much current from the power supply and burn themselves out. Maintaining a constant current supply is also essential as fluctuating current or surges could cause damage.

How Do You Choose a Constant Current LED Driver?

The model specifications of your LED lights will determine which constant LED driver suits your project. Consider:

Factor in installation needs too like the number of LEDs you can run and dimming.

Constant Current Vs Constant Voltage LED Driver

A constant current LED driver delivers a fixed output current but the levels of voltage vary within a set range.

A constant voltage LED driver maintains a fixed direct current voltage(VDC) supply regardless of the level of alternating current voltage(VAC) it receives from the power source.

How to Install a Constant Current LED Driver?

Constant current LED drivers are installed between the LED lights and the power source.

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