Sunme LED Neon Strip Lights

When it comes to LED neon flex suppliers, Sunme is the best there is. We manufacture and supply high-performance LED neon lights directly to buyers and other neon flex suppliers.

LED Neon Strip lights

Sunme LED Neon Strip Lights

Neon LED strips can get you the retro neon glass light look without all the hassle of installing glass fiaxtures at an affordable price. LED neon flex ropes are mainly for decorations. We can see them everywhere in night clubs, shops and many events.

Sunme neon light strips are extremely flexible, custom cuttable, and available in a number of colors.

LED Neon Flex Supplier & Manufacturer

Sunme tops the list of LED neon flex suppliers in China because we manufacture superior LED neon lights.

All our neon rope lights are waterproof because they are IP65 tested and certified, ensuring high performance and longevity.

If you have special needs for bulk rgb LED neon, order custom led light strips with Sunme to customize the color, size, length and various accessories.

We can also provide support on a PCB level if you want customized LED neon light. With our LED neon light bulk order service you can light your entire space hassle-free.

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LED neon flex rope lights are brighter than glass neon light fixtures. They provide uniform, dot-free soft light that is dispersed evenly across your space. 

Our LED neon lights are available in red, yellow, blue, green, neutral white, cool white, and warm white colors. We also house dual-color LED neon rope lights.

Sunme neon LED strip lights are extremely flexible and feature a minimum bending diameter of 5 cm.

Sunme neon LED strip lights are extremely flexible and feature a minimum bending diameter of 5 cm.

Our LED neon lights are structured to give you the best possible lighting effect. We house both top-view and side-view LED neon rope lights so you can explore creative ways of lighting your space.

All our LED neon tube lights come with a warranty of 3 years, promising high-quality and performance.

LED Neon Strip Lights Manufacturer

The production of LED neon lights starts with machines arranging LED wafers which are responsible for converting energy to light. They are then bonded using industrial gold wires before being automatically sorted based on current, color, and voltage. The sorted LED strips are stored in protective vacuum bags awaiting testing and sealing.

The Sunme factory is fitted with top-of-the-line technology to maintain stellar production standards. Our skilled staff monitor all processes and perform quality checks on every strip of lights.


Table of Contents

LED Neon Flex VS. Traditional Neon Lights

Traditional neon lights are filled with neon gas. Electric current ionizes the gas atoms to emit colored photons of light.


Traditional neon lights have lifespans of about 10,000 hours while Sunme neon flex lights can last 50,000 hours.


LED neon lights can be made into long strips but neon lights manufacturers are limited by glass size and gas.

Input Voltage

Neon gas atoms require high voltage to separate and ionize them. Therefore, traditional neon lights require high and consistent power.


Glass is rigid and fragile. As such, if you require flexible lighting, LED neon flex lights are the ideal choice.

Luminous Efficacy

The flickering light produced by neon gas is of lower luminosity compared to the consistent brightness of LED neon lights.

Light Sources

LED neon lights have LED wafers that convert current into light while traditional neon lights are lit by ionized gas.

Differences Between LED Neon Rope Lights and LED Rope Light

LED neon rope lights resemble LED rope lights but they are not entirely the same. There are some fundamental design and functional variations between the two.

The light source used by each of these lights is different. LED neon rope lights are made of a series of individual LED bulbs that are strung together. In contrast, LED strip lights are made of surface-mounted LED chips affixed to a flat adhesive tape. Further, while LED neon bulbs have to be made in different colors, LED chips alternate between colors.

For a seamless lighting experience especially in large spaces, consider buying LED rope neon lights wholesale. They provide uninterrupted flows of illumination, unlike LED strip lights that have dark spots due to the spaces between LED chips.

When it comes to brightness, LED rope lights win the battle. They can be designed with more LED chips per meter to deliver more light. They can even be used in commercial settings like factory inspection workspaces. Nonetheless, you could always ask your neon rope light supplier to customize your lights to your preferred brightness.

Whereas both of these types of light can be covered in silicone, the LED neon rope lights are more resilient.

Different LED Neon Flex Light By Shapes

Depending on the neon light manufacturer, different LED neon lights illuminate spaces at particular angles. They also differ in size based on the number of LED bulbs used to make them.

The Neon 360° round LED lights disperse lighting in all directions, hence the 360-degree reference. Regardless of what side you view these lights from, there will be light. On the other hand, the Dome-shape LED neon lights stream light at a 270-degree angle. There are angles at which you may not be able to benefit from their illumination.

Compared to the Neon 360° and Dome-shaped neon lights, the Top View LED neon flex is arguably the most limited. You can only experience its lighting from one side. That said, it can be designed to have a wide beam angle which mitigates its limitation.

The RGB neon flex is an ideal choice if you would like different light color options. It emits red, green, and blue lighting as well as other colors that can be created from their combinations. An RGB neon flex controller would help to adjust the lighting when necessary.

Ultraslim Neon flex lights are the go-to option if you need sleek lighting that is barely noticeable. However, it may not be as bright when compared to other lights. The number of LED lamps used contributes to the brightness of neon flex lights. Therefore, to enjoy the convenience of an ultra-slim design you may have to forego brightness. It can only accommodate a limited number of LED lamps.

LED Neon Flex 12 Volt Vs. 24 Volt Vs. 120 Volt Vs. 240 Volt

In LED neon flex lights, voltage plays a role in the maximum run in length that a strip of lights can have. The higher the voltage, the more the power. The transmission can cover a longer distance before the voltage drops. Therefore, a 240-volt set of LED lights can have a longer maximum length than a 120-volt set. If you need to light a large area, consider higher voltages

On brightness, while there are many other factors that affect it, voltage is also important. For instance, to achieve more brightness some LED neon lights may be designed with a high density of LEDs. You will find that they require more voltage to work this proving that higher voltage contributes to brightness. As you choose your lights, 12 to 24 volts may be ideal for areas requiring soft light. The 120 to 240 volts may be ideal for architectural or commercial LED neon lighting.

It is advisable to also consider your power supply before you decide between the different voltages for your lights. If, for instance, your power supply is 120 volts and your neon lights are 12 volts, you may need to find a way to step the power down.

Different Types of Neon Lighting Fixtures

LED Neon Signs

The lifespan of LED neon signs can be as long as 100,000 hours. While they consume low amounts of power, they still provide high light output. Additionally, they require very little maintenance. On the downside, their angles of illumination can be limited and the initial cost can be high.

LED Neon Flex

LED neon flex lighting is environmentally friendly and very resilient. It can withstand impact and elements of weather without getting damaged. Their installation process is easy and there is hardly any maintenance involved. You may experience a challenge of low brightness with LED neon flex lights compared to alternative lights.

LED Neon Tube Light

LED neon tube lights have vertical designs that provide 360° illumination. They can be suspended or mounted on various surfaces and are available in a variety of colors. On installation, they are plug and play lighting fixtures. Unfortunately, their length is not adjustable unless your neon tube suppliers offer customization.

LED Neon Lights

LED neon lamps require low power and can serve you for a lengthy lifespan. Some modern designs are portable and can be used as power backups or for camping. The illumination from these lamps is soft and not harsh on the eyes. They, however, can be limited to unidirectional lighting.

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