How to install led strip lights

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The installation of the light strip is not difficult, just pay attention to the details to ensure the overall effect. So how to install the light strip, follow the Sunme to see it.

1. How to install led strip lights

a. The back of most light strips will be designed with self-adhesive 3M double-sided tape, which has strong stickiness.

b. Before installing the light strip, it is necessary to determine the specific installation location and make a mark. And when preparing to install, tear off the layer of sticker on the surface of the double-sided tape and place it in the position to be pasted. After confirming, press it tightly and stick it firmly.


c. If you encounter a corner or the length is different, you can cut it. However, it should be noted that LED lights are generally connected in series, and every three lamp beads can be cut. If it is too long, it can be cut off, and if it is too short, it can be welded on.

2. What should be paid attention to in the installation of light strips

a. Before installing the light strip, it is necessary to prepare the required raw materials and tools, so that it can be opened more during installation and avoid chaotic situations.

b. After the installation location is selected, it is necessary to clean up the dust and stains in the area, so as to avoid the existence of particles, which will affect the normal installation, and it is very easy to detach in the later stage.

c. Before construction, it is also necessary to cut off the indoor power supply, so as to ensure sufficient safety and prevent the risk of electric shock.

d. When installing the light strip, it is also necessary to measure the length to be installed, and then purchase the light strip of a certain length, so as to ensure the normal installation. The blank position of each meter of the light strip can be cut. If it is cut at other positions, the light strip will be damaged, which will affect the normal use.

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