5050 flexible led strip lights

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5050 flexible strip lights is a decorative lighting fixture designed and produced with SMD 5050 led light as light source, FPC circuit board as carrier, and appropriate current limiting resistor in the circuit. It has the advantages of high luminous brightness, soft and bendable, and can be cut according to the required length.

5050 flexible led strip lights


  • high luminous brightness
  • low power
  • long service life


The light source in the LED5050 flexible light strip is LED5050 lamp beads, which means that the length of the LED element is 5.0mm and the width is 5.0mm, which is referred to as 5050 in the industry. It is a SMD patch type, and the carrier is a soft FPC board. That is, the flexible circuit board has a width of 10MM and a thickness of less than 1MM. The length of each FPC from the factory is 0.5 meters. Two or more strips can be welded to each other. The produced LED5050 flexible light bar is 5M in length, packed in anti-static disc and anti-static bag, which is convenient to carry and transport.

Product category

LED5050 flexible light strips can be classified from the following aspects: 1. Color: FPC colors mainly include yellow board, white board and black board, which can be customized. LED light emitting colors are white, warm white, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, colorful, full color, magic color. 2. Waterproof grade: Since the light bar is suitable for different locations, the waterproof grades are divided into non-waterproof, glue-dropping waterproof, casing waterproofing, and glue-filled waterproofing. 3. Number of lamp beads: Many LED5050 lamp beads can be pasted on the FPC, so on the FPC per meter, the number of lamp beads is 30 lights per meter, 60 lights per meter, and 120 lights per meter. Three conventional, suitable for different brightness requirements the place.


LED5050 flexible light strips are suitable for a wide range of locations. Depending on their types, they are suitable for product showcases, storefront door decoration, ultra-thin light box backlights, hotel KTV decoration, outdoor lighting, home ceilings, and ceiling porch decoration. LED strips and strips have been used in furniture, automobiles, advertising, lighting, ships and other industries.

Advantages and parameters

The LED5050 light bar adopts LED lamp beads, which have high luminous brightness, low power and long service life. Easy to install. Production customization is very strong, and transportation is convenient. The installation location is dazzling, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Each group of 3 LEDs is a group, and each group can be cut separately without affecting the use of other groups. Color temperature: 7500K (cool white to blue) / 6500K (positive white) / 3500K (warm white to yellow) / 4500K (neutral white, natural White)


  1. The width of the four-wire lamp is about 22mm, the thickness is about 8mm, and the weight is about 0.25kg/m (4 meters per kilogram)
  2. The four-wire light strip has a total of four wires, three rows of lights (note that it is not four rows of lights~~), each row of 1 meter 24 lights, 24*3=72. Because the power of each lamp bead is 0.05W, the power of the 72-bead lamp strip is: 72*0.05=3.6W.
  3. There is a “scissors” mark for each meter. It can only be cut when the mark is cut. If you cut it wrongly or cut off, one meter will not light up! Some may be misaligned when marking. It is best to carefully look at the mark before cutting. position, just cut the place where there is no connection in the middle. You can see it if you look closely. alexander popov 2GNBoMgKYEo unsplash


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