The advantages of 2835 led strip lights

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One of the finest LED products of technological advancement is strip light. It is all the vogue with the typical advantages. They Mach the demand of mainstream market.

Moreover, they are commonly considered by numerous interior designers and architects. They do not just improve the amount of lighting in the provided space, they also provide variations in lighting colors and vibrancy increasing its aesthetic value.

In China, with the rapid growing of LED technology, a wide variety of new items are emerging that, when compare with China 3528 led strip light, China 2835 led strip light as the new version of 3528 strip light which with wider luminescence area and larger optical yield up to 13-15LM. What’s more is that 2835 led strip light with higher heat dissipation efficiency by using it’s built-in chip.

The advantages of 2835 led strip lights

How to choose a led strip light is very important for us.

Compared with traditional led strip lights manufacturers, the advantages of LED flexible light strips produced by Sunme Lighting are quite outstanding in the following aspects:


  • Pure color: The LED flexible light strip adopts high-brightness SMD LED as the light-emitting element, so it has the advantages of LED light-emitting element, and the light color is pure, soft and no glare. It can be used for both decoration and lighting purposes.
  • Flexibility: Uses a very soft FPCB as the substrate, which can be bent at will without breaking, suitable for various advertising modeling needs.
  • Small calorific value: Since the power of a single LED is very low, generally 0.04~0.08W.
  • Easy installation: LED flexible light strip is easy to install, they equipped with the strongest 3M adhesive coat on the bottom.
  • Safety: The LED flexible light bar uses a low-voltage DC 12V power supply voltage, so it is very safe to use. Both the elderly and children can be used safely without causing safety hazards.
  • Sunme Lighting is an innovative company, they recently launched a series of one-led-cutable strip light, it can be more flexible to meet customer’s demand.
  • Super energy-saving: The power of the 1210 LED flexible strip is only 4.8W per meter, and the power of the 5050 LED flexible strip is 7.2W per meter. Compared with traditional lighting and decorative lamps, the power is several times lower, but the effect is much better.
  • Environmental protection: Whether it is LED or FPCB, the material of the LED flexible strip is made of environmentally friendly materials, which are recyclable and will not cause pollution and damage to the environment due to extensive use.


Using LED lights for business makes sense both financially and environmentally. Sunme Lighting is here to help you navigate your company’s LED lighting needs. We work with both distributors and large customers all over the world. Contact us and let us provide you with a cost-saving and energy efficient lighting solution.

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