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Sunme Lighting  With a team of quality-driven engineers, R&D specialists and salesperson, Sunme Lighting is committed to designing, manufacturing and supplying reliable commercial lighting products, supported by excellent customer service and bespoke solution, taking into account customer demand, budget and the environment.

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Sunme Lighting is a LED strip lights manufacturer in china, we have professional sales staff and experienced engineers dedicated to designing, manufacturing and supplying reliable commercial lighting products, backed by excellent customer service and customized solutions, while Considering customer needs, budget and environment, we will wholeheartedly provide you with full LED project lighting solutions and provide our best suggestions and options.

We support customizing products with special specifications to meet the different needs of customers, providing high-quality 2835/5050/2216/cob LED strips and flexible LED wall washer strip, which are widely used in home decoration, garden landscape, sports venues, Showrooms, game consoles, hotels, buildings, high-end clubs, retail/chain stores, restaurants and shopping malls, hotels and resorts, office buildings, residences and apartments, museums and galleries, etc.

All our products have ISO9001 CE and RoHS certificates etc., high quality products and factory prices are delivered directly to you.

At the same time, we have a professional technical team that can provide support for installation connections and procedures.

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We provide light strip customization and bulk purchase service

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