How to choose outdoor lighting? Outdoor LED strip lights guide

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This is a comprehensive guide about outdoor LED strip lights, giving you a better understanding of outdoor LED strip lights and which waterproof LED strip lights are the best. Next, let's explore the world of outdoor LED strip lights together!

What is an outdoor LED strip light?

Outdoor LED strip lights is a kind of lighting with high waterproof level that can be installed indoors and outdoors. Water resistance is the most essential feature of outdoor lighting, because LED lights can work normally even in harsh weather conditions.

Outdoor light strips are used to decorate gardens, backyards, parks, billboards, signs and more. People utilize single-color or color-changing LED strip lights to add a unique atmosphere to different events.

IP Ratings for Outdoor LED strip lights

IP ratings, also known as Ingress Protection or International Protection ratings, consist of the letters IP followed by two digits. The first digit (0–6 or the letter X) indicates the level of protection provided by the enclosure against the ingress of solid objects. The second digit (0 – 8 or the letter X) defines the protection of the device within the enclosure against various forms of moisture (spray, splash, immersion, etc.).

For waterproof outdoor LED strip lights, what we care about is the second digit of the IP rating. This is a detailed form of the waterproof rating.

2nd Digit           Protection against Water
0 No Protection
1 Water drops
2 Water drops at a 15-degree angle
3 Water spray at 60-degree angle
4 Water splashing from any angle
5 Water jets from any angle
6 Powerful water jets and heavy seas
7 Protected against the effects of temporary submersion in water
8 Protected against the effects of permanent submersion in water

Generally speaking, the protection grades of outdoor LED strip lights are IP65, IP 67 and IP68. They have the highest level of protection against solid objects and dust. These changes are waterproof.

  • IP65: Water-resistant
  • IP66: Water-resistant plus
  • IP67: Waterproof
  • IP68: Waterproof plus

The LED strip lights with IP65, IP66, IP67, or IP68 liquid protection will suffice for all ordinary needs. Only strip lights marked with IP68 are satisfy given that you want to use them underwater for a long time.

3 Types of Outdoor LED Strip Lights

There are many outdoor LED strip lights on the market. We investigated the LED lighting industry and summarized it into three types.

#1. LED Neon Flex Strip Lights

The LED flexible neon strip is coated in a clear plastic housing as a protective LED strip waterproof. Waterproof LED flexible neon lights with red, blue, yellow, green, white, orange, purple, etc.

LED neon strips are widely used in buildings, bridges, gardens, floors, ceilings, cars, billboards and more outdoor places.

outdoor led strip lights

SUNME LED neon strip lights are IP68 rated, making them ideal for outdoor use. It goes very evenly along the strip with a soft silicone sleeve around it. Following are the important features of SUNME LED Neon Strips:

- Soft and even light for comfort

- Chip-scale packaging and flexible design

Neon LED strip lights are one of the best outdoor lighting solutions. It is a surefire lighting product if you need a monochrome LED strip.

#2. Waterproof RGB LED Strip Lights

RGB light strips are varied due to their different characteristics. Waterproof light strips are part of that. This LED RGB strip with fully waterproof coating is specially designed for outdoor lighting decoration.

outdoor led strip lights

What is the difference between waterproof RGB strips and LED neon strips? Waterproof RGB strips can display different colors, while neon strips only support single color.

#3. Waterproof Single Color Strip Lights

Waterproof single color LED strip lights only support monochrome, like neon LED strip lights. It has the basic features of an outdoor light bar, such as IP65 or higher, dimmable, and easy installation. Monochromatic light strips are also available in color options. Choose from white, yellow, blue, red, warm, or other colors at the time of purchase.

outdoor led strip lights


Flexible LED strip lights have many functions and can be easily used in various situations. LED flexible neon light strip is one of the most popular outdoor decorative light strips. Or, if you want color change and more features, you can buy an outdoor RGB LED strip.

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