Can you cut led strip lights?

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Before cutting strip lights, make sure that the strip you use can be cut. Otherwise, the strip lights will not work properly after cutting. At the same time, be sure to disconnect the power supply when cutting the strip. Prepare the scissor and ruler, and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Measure the strip length
Most LED strip lights as long reels between 3ft and 16ft in length. It usually has to be cut off to make it fit for use. The first thing you need to do is use a ruler to measure the length of the strip you need to use.

Step 2. Find the scissors sign on the light strip
To make it easier for the user to cut the light strip, the manufacturer will place a scissors sign on the light strip , At each side of the scissors sign there should be copper soldering pads that form a symmetrical looking pattern. Finding these copper pads ensures that you correctly identify the cut lines.

Step 3. Cut with a pair of scissors
The final step is to use scissors to cut along the scissor sign. Be sure to cut straight, not diagonal, otherwise it may cause the light to stop working.

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