What is LED Wall Washer Strip? Latest Answers in 2023

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What is a flexible LED wall washer strip?

what is wall wash lighting?LED wall washers are widely used in outdoor lighting, commonly used in single buildings, exterior wall lighting of historical buildings, transparent inside and outside buildings, indoor local lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical, cultural lights Specialized lighting for facilities, atmosphere lighting for bars, dance halls and other entertainment venues.

The early wall washer is a hard wall washer, which cannot be bent, has heavy aluminum profiles, is extremely expensive, is difficult to waterproof, has a large volume, and requires a large installation space, which increases the difficulty of installation and other limitations. With the continuous iterative upgrade of wall washers, the advent of flexible LED wall washer strip has the advantages of hard wall washers, while avoiding its shortcomings.

Flexible LED wall washer strip, as the name suggests, is a flexible LED wall washer strip, using a flexible circuit board, with multiple LED lamp beads on the circuit board, and two conductive sheets on the flexible circuit board, small and flexible in size , easy to install, suitable for a variety of installation spaces, with rich color temperature, colorful light effects, multi-angle lighting and other characteristics, can be made into a few meters or tens of meters, greatly simplifying the installation cost of construction, effectively using the light strip The softness of the outdoor lighting project gradually replaces the traditional hard wall washer.

What is a wall washer

What types of wall washers are there?

1)traditional wall washer light

The traditional wall washer is a hard wall washer, which requires relatively high installation space, is bulky, is difficult to install, and has high costs. With the advent of flexible LED wall washer strip, compared with hard wall washers, they are made of flexible silicone material, with good flexibility and flexible size, which are suitable for narrower installation spaces, rich in light effects, and meet more abundant installation scenarios, so they are favored.

Comparison of flexible led wall washer light strips

2)Flexible LED wall washer strip

Rich light effect, pure and bright light color, uniform light emission. In addition, there are a variety of lighting angles (15° 30° 45° 20*45° 15*60°) to suit different illumination needs.

The flexible wall washer adopts high waterproof material to achieve high-grade waterproof (IP67), acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent characteristics.

The difference between traditional wall washer and flexible LED wall washer strip

The flexible led wall washer strip is a product with a soft, bendable lens with a light-emitting angle, allowing the light effect to rush through the wall like running water. Mainly used for commercial buildings, bridges, wharfs, architectural quantitative decorative lighting. And also used to accentuate the outlines of large buildings. It has the characteristics of energy saving, high light efficiency, bright color and long life, so it is widely used.

flexible led wall washer strips

In contrast, the traditional LED wall washer has the following disadvantages because its shape is a long strip of duralumin, referred to as LED line light/spotlight:

1: The bar is fixed and cannot be bent. According to the application scenario, the length of 1 meter is not suitable for the installation of some special-shaped walls or curved walls.

2: The traditional LED wall washer is in units of 1 meter and cannot be more than 2 meters. The main reason is the high cost of packaging and transportation.

3: Traditional led wall washers are huge and heavy and cannot be as flexible as flexible led wall washers.

What are the characteristics of flexible LED wall washer strip?

Product Feature

Feature 1: Arbitrary bending

The flexible LED wall washer strip can be bent in any direction, with a bending radius of 25CM. Easily solve the problem of using multiple traditional led wall washers when encountering special-shaped buildings on the market in the past! The characteristic of arbitrary bending also makes the light emitted by the special-shaped surface round and full.

Feature 2: Arbitrary cutting

At present, the flexible led wall washer strip can be cut into any length within 10 meters in units of 100MM, which effectively solves the troublesome problem of customizing many different lengths during the installation of many special-shaped buildings, and also solves the dead angle of the wall.

Feature 3: Super long power supply

The flexible led wall washer strip also has the characteristics of long-distance power supply. A power supply can be pulled to a length of nearly 20 meters, which simplifies the need to connect multiple power supplies during installation. The long power supply makes light control easier, wiring is simpler, and it also effectively improves the electrical safety of ground buildings.

Feature 4: High-strength waterproof

The flexible led wall washer strip is made of TPU, which is resistant to yellowing, high temperature and corrosion resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance, and good flexibility; PU glue potting, strong adhesion, good durability and high reliability; waterproof level can be easily achieved IP67 level, can replace the traditional hardware wall washer or LED strip lights, small size, light weight, bendable; for parks, waterfronts, cultural tourism landscapes and other places that often involve water, flexible LED wall washer strip are undoubtedly the best The best choice for lights!

Feature 5: Simple and efficient installation

The flexible LED wall washer strip adopts a split installation design. As long as the bracket is installed and fixed to the building at the beginning of construction, the flexible LED wall washer strip can be easily snapped into the mounting bracket after completion. It is very simple and effectively avoids cross-construction with other construction projects. Quality hidden dangers to lamps! Its later maintenance is also more convenient and efficient. The flexible flexible LED wall washer strip supports a variety of intelligent controls such as monochrome, RGB, RGBW DMX512, DALI, etc.

Application of flexible LED wall washer strip

LED wall washer strip are mainly used in villas, buildings, stairs, squares, gardens, billboards, overpasses, etc. It covers a wider range, from indoor to outdoor, from local lighting to overall lighting, and the application is more and more extensive. Because it does not waste too much electricity, it can be used in outdoor application scenarios for a long time without wasting limited resources, and it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and will reduce power consumption in the process. In practical application, this view has brought a good promotion to the development of the urban economy, reasonably avoided the waste of resources, and also brought a good decorative effect. It is more cost-effective to use.

led wall washer strips Application

How to install flexible LED wall washer strip?

  1. Place the flexible LED wall washer with clips on the installation position
  2. Fasten the buckle with screws.
  3. Put the flexible LED wall washer light strip into the buckle
  4. Power on and light up.

install led wall washer strips

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