Recommend 5 Best Ideas for Closet Lighting in 2023

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Even if your closets are perfectly laid out and stored, the simple chore of accurately displaying a piece of clothing or jacket can be a major hassle if you don’t have enough lighting. Appropriate cabinet lighting system will highlight your clothing and show a different feeling.

When you’re looking for the best lighting for your wardrobe, you have to consider which type of lights and lighting elements are best for where you’re going to light them.

Bright Ideas for Closet Lighting

The size and shape of the closet and whether it is connected to a power source will determine the best lighting effect for the closet area. Also, with regards to installation, the best option for closet lighting is hard-wired anywhere in the closet.

This option will usually cost more than common cabinet lighting, but you won’t need to replenish batteries or use an outlet to light your closet, especially with LED closets. However, if you’re renting, a couple of battery-operated or plug-in lights are easy to install.

Recommend 5 Best Ideas for Closet Lighting in 2023

LED Strip Lights

Light strips are flexible light strips or small LED light strips that are usually adhered to walls or other surfaces with strong 3M adhesive backing. Strip lighting doesn’t need to be hardwired; just plug them in and use them.

Because the light strips are so small, these lights are great for illuminating small, dark areas. In addition, many LED light strips come with remote controls, through which users can modify the color of the lights, providing more diverse lighting for those who want to liven up their closets.

Puck Lights

Usually, you can peel off the tape on the back of the puck light and stick it to the inside of the closet.

Plus, the thin and light accessory adheres to any surface. Finally, because they’re battery powered, there’s no need to place them near an outlet or hardwire them into your electrical system.

Use Natural Light

Having a window in your closet is a luxury that lets in tons of light. If your closet has windows, use that to your advantage by keeping the windows clear of light-blocking obstructions, such as stacked boxes that block light sources. If a curtain treatment is required, keep it light, bright and airy.

Use motion sensor lights

Do you want to reduce energy consumption? Smart closet lighting options include installing occupancy sensor lights. When a person is detected passing by within a certain range, the light connected to the human body sensor will be automatically activated.

Active ultrasonic and passive infrared (PIR) are two typical sensors that use ultrasonic waves for detection.

PIR uses changes in infrared radiation or body heat to identify moving objects and activates lighting in response. The absence of light switches makes motion-activated closet lighting a practical option.

LED Closet Light

LED closet lights distribute light evenly along the entire length. The 65-degree beam spread not only nicely illuminates the shoulder area of the garment, but also illuminates the space between each garment, revealing the textural characteristics of the garment.

At Last

If you’re looking for innovative ways to brighten up your closet space, you can consider some of the options mentioned. However, before you create closet lighting, consider your closet space, materials, LED strip vs. fluorescent, aesthetics, and overall brightness and color temperature.

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